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How to effectively reduce the loss of color printing packaging bags


Of course, today's printing and color printing packagin […]

Of course, today's printing and color printing packaging bag industry has soared, the broad prospects for many investors eager to try. But this is not an easy thing to do, from small companies to large companies, we need to learn more step by step, accumulate more, in order to grow slowly.

In the printing process, the larger loss points appear in the color adjustment and overprinting. For example, when a homemade machine prints a product of eight colors, a general enterprise will give its employees a loss on the machine and a loss on the number of colors. The general control of machine loss will be around 150~300m, of course, this is an ideal value. The loss of chromatic number is superimposed on each color 50m/ color, which is the general color printing bag business can do. But why do some enterprises still lose far more than this quantity? The key lies in human control. In the printing process, employees and basic managers will think that as long as we control the production quality of the machine is a good account, or as long as not quality problems on the line. Employees rarely care about loss. If the savings can be shared with employees, that is to say, to give employees some incentives to reduce consumption, can greatly improve the enthusiasm of employees to reduce consumption, forming a win-win situation.

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