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Hongkong International Baking Exhibition: opening up a new perspective


Hongkong International Baking Exhibition is a typical e […]

Hongkong International Baking Exhibition is a typical exhibition in the international baking industry. In 2016, the exhibition brought together many baking enterprises from China, France, Belgium, Italy, Japan, Turkey, Britain, the United States and other countries and regions. Over 24000 professional buyers, associations and associations from over more than 39 countries and regions have come to visit and negotiate.

The global baking market is growing rapidly. The latest research shows that the global baking product market value will reach $32.5 billion by 2018. Among them, the Asia Pacific market is expected to show the fastest growth trend. The Hongkong International Baking Exhibition has provided great opportunities for baking industry related enterprises.

It also promotes the development of related industries, our company actively seized the opportunity to participate in the exhibition, to bring convenience to the food industry aluminum foil products, better baking delicious food.