about us


R & D talents

  The company adheres to the "talent-oriented" and attaches great importance to talent introduction, training, incentive work, has formed a professional configuration, reasonable age structure, rich work experience, strong sense of innovation and excellent research and development team.



Research and Development Agency

  As a national high-tech enterprise, the company attaches great importance to technological innovation, reserve and product research and development, and invests sufficient research and development funds every year to establish research and innovation, standardization, intellectual property construction, technical services and other key core technologies in the field of green environmental protection packaging, such as high-tech products, green manufacturing.



Core technology

  The company adheres to innovation-driven, green development, with a number of high-tech, broad market prospects for technological achievements, technological level up to the international advanced level, with more than 20 industry licensed patents. At the same time, the company actively responds to the country's advocacy of green environmental protection in the packaging and printing industry, vigorously develop a variety of reduced, lightweight, low-carbon environmental protection packaging products, do a good job of top-level environmental protection design, to adapt to consumer protection of the environment, beautify the environment of consumer psychology.



Standardization construction

  The company adheres to quality first, implements quality and safety management and control throughout the life cycle, identifies potential risks of quality and safety in all links from development, design, raw material supply, production to sales terminal, and each link is subject to rigorous pilot, pilot and batch tests by skilled technicians and technicians.



New product development

  Relying on continuous design, innovation and integrated service capabilities, the company has been highly recognized by customers for a long time by providing customers with quality products and efficient value-added services. Accumulated including the international leading beer industry, food industry, domestic and foreign well-known cigarette brands and other high-end customer resources.