about us


This is the basic principle of treating employees, external organizations and society.

Strive for harmony and unity of honesty and faith.

Treat people sincerely and trust cadres to create an ecosystem of integrity from inside to outside.



The root of execution is also the basic value orientation of enterprise's respect for development.

Establish a sense of responsibility, conscientious and diligent.

Take initiative, dare to take responsibility, and guide employees to become the masters of enterprises.

Efficient and responsible, better than words, experienced employees do high-energy executors.



Adhering to good professionalism and professional ethics is the cornerstone of our survival and development.

Devoted to industry, focusing on the field of fasteners in construction and industrial equipment.

Careful and meticulous research, the high standard of professionalism into all aspects of the company's business.

Create learning-oriented enterprises, innovate actively, constantly learn new knowledge and new technology, encourage each employee to actively learn new knowledge, practice, and constantly improve themselves, casting brilliant.



Only by actively innovating, pragmatic and enterprising, and always maintaining a learning attitude, can the enterprise keep its vigorous vitality.

Innovative, pragmatic and enterprising

Technology first, innovation driven, constantly leveraging new revolution in products and services.

Landing is reality, innovation and practice, and continuous implementation of new changes in tactics and methods.

All rivers and streams bring forth new ideas and constantly bring about new changes in mechanism and mode.